The Curse of a “Great Idea”

This stage of my youth seems to be saturated with ideas. Buzzing in my brain are thoughts of what school to apply to next year, what courses to take, and what career path to follow. I often find myself eager to explore it all. I want to study music, be an artist, run a company, learn a new language and travel the world. However, determining to do everything that I desire simultaneously, would get me nowhere. Great ideas are wonderful to have, but without a course of action or a clear purpose, they are nothing.

In Propel, we are given the reigns to focus on a semester long project that appeals to our field of interests. This project-based learning approach allow students like myself to explore an idea and make it a reality.

In the first few weeks of this program, I struggled to find a sense of direction for my project. I anticipated this to happen. As someone who already takes on other side projects, I knew I would struggle to commit to one idea to focus my entire semester on.

To combat this worry, I reminded myself of a quote I read from this article:

It reads,

“The more directions you’re being pulled in, the less distance you’ll travel.

These words of advice seemed rather fitting in the position I was in these last few weeks. Though I wanted to explore countless project themes, I knew I had to narrow it down to get the most out of this semester.

During these last 5 days, I spent time each day scribbling down driving questions that I wanted to focus my project on. I’d write down what I was curious about, regardless of how silly or intricate they were. Sometime last week, we were told to just follow our noses, and so I did. Maybe the these driving questions will be the content of my next blog, but for now I’ll leave it at this.

Till next time,

Jo Ann